Hospice Sales Training – 8 week course with Healthcare Strategica

At the core of the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy is the 8-week Hospice and Palliative Care Sales Training Course.  Students have access to the course plus all of the elements in the Sales Resource Vault and Learning Library.  With each student registration, they have access to:

  • 8-week Hospice Sales Training Course
  • Sales Resource Vault containing short videos that provide quick refresher for the skills learned in the class.
  • Learning Library containing articles, research, forms and instructional documents to support their ongoing success.
  • With the Enterprise version, Sales Managers have  access to see how their sales team members are progressing in the course and special sales management support documents.
  • Office Hours – Michael Ferris, Trainer in Chief, will hold office hours periodically that will be offered only to students enrolled in the Healthcare Strategica Sales Academy.

To register or for more information: Click Here