Product Bundle: Probe & Educate ADR Tools

MAC Legacy has bundled our most popular tools to help navigate the ADR response process.

As MACs continue to select claims for pre-payment review from home health agencies. These reviews will focus on your compliance with Medicare home health services and patient eligibility (certification/re-certification) as well as making sure all other requirements are met.

  • ADR: Additional Documentation/Development Request Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet is a helpful tool in identifying the important elements and requirements of the ADR process. It also includes an ADR worksheet to help you through the process.
  • Face-to-Face Encounters Cheat Sheet – This four-page tool includes a description of the regulatory requirements (the “when, who, what” details) as well as useful F2F facts & tips including exceptions and special circumstances. This tool also contains detailed instruction for documentation of “late” F2F situations.
  • Home Health Mini-Manual – A mini-manual with the Federal regulations, Medicare chapter 7, and useful resources pages. State editions also available for Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico that include state regulations.
  • Medical Necessity Cheat Sheet – This cheat sheet provides educational facts and useful tips on documentation and orders which support medical necessity.
  • Recertification of the Medicare Patient Cheat Sheet – This eight-page cheat sheet defines common reasons for recertification of the home health patient as well as the requirement for Physician Recertification Statement.  Skilled nursing skills are listed with indications for these services, essential documentation and supporting OASIS items to support reasonable and necessary skills.

Electronic version only at this time