Recorded Webinar – OASIS-E: Patient Mood Interview, High Risk Drug Classes & Special Treatments, Procedures and Programs


The OASIS-E, to be implemented in January 2023, has multiple new items
including the Patient Mood Interview, high risk drug classes, and an
assessment of special treatments, procedures, and programs the home health
patient is utilizing. The patient mood interview expands the previously assessed
PHQ-2 to PHQ-9 to identify the presence of signs and symptoms of mood
distress. Additionally, CMS has formally defined medications falling within the
high-risk drug classes for OASIS-E which requires the clinician to assess for
identifying indications of drug use. Finally, the special treatments, procedures,
and programs item will identify important medical treatments being utilized by
the patient. Previously, these therapies have been inconsistently documented
in various areas of the patient’s clinical record. An in-depth look at these new
items, along with use of scenarios, will prepare clinicians for implementation of

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