Cheat Sheets

Emergency Preparedness-Federal Cheat Sheet

Ensure your Emergency Preparedness Plan includes each mandatory component. This 10 page essential tool explores the federal changes and clarifications to emergency preparedness applicable to home health agencies and hospices.  It encompasses modifications made to Appendix Z of the State Operations Manual as a result of CMS revisions. Emerging Infectious Diseases (EIDs) are now required to be included in the provider’s risk assessment. As a result of the public health emergency, State Surveyors are intensely focused on emergency preparedness.  One download per digital purchase.


What's Included

All Federal requirements are in one place and easily described to assist in your emergency planning.
Regulatory References
Conditions of Participation
State Operations Manual, Appendix Z
This is a great education piece for all staff but particularly Administration and those involved in the preparation of the agency Emergency Preparedness Plan.