Cheat Sheets

HIPPS-LUPA-RAP 2021 Quick Reference – Digital Download

The quick reference tool is a companion to Request for Anticipated Payment (RAP) 2021 cheat sheet.  With the use of this reference tool, agencies have immediate access to accepted HIPPS codes and the associated LUPA thresholds as well as 2021 payment rates. Digital version only.

One digital download per purchase.


What's Included

This cheat sheet adds additional information to assist your agency in determining how to navigate the 2021 RAP changes. Included are clinical groups with the PDGM components to determine case mix weight, payment penalties and per visit payment amounts.
Regulatory Reference
Regulations outlined by CMS include the new Request for Anticipated Payment submission guidelines, acceptable HIPPS codes for 2021 and payment penalties.
Designed for administrators, billing personnel and other staff to assist in reducing payment penalties due to the changes in the 2021 RAP requirements.