Recorded Webinar – Hospice Series 2: Added Value at Admission


Hospice professionals should follow a few key steps to create added value at the time of admission of a patient to hospice services.  The steps involve active listening and tailoring the care plan to the patient’s physical, emotional, and spiritual needs accordingly.  This is followed by comprehensive education for the patient and family explaining the hospice philosophy, services available, and what to expect during the end-of-life journey. Additionally, communication and coordination among the interdisciplinary team is vital to establishing a supportive environment that fosters trust, dignity, and respect for the patient and family’s goals of care.

An effective hospice care admission process encompasses multiple essential components, ultimately delivering added value to patients, families, referral sources and the hospice care team.  Attendees of the “Added Value At Admission” training will learn improved communication techniques, better understand eligibility criteria, and increase team collaboration to ensure hospice patients receive a personalized experience during the hospice admission.  Furthermore, effective follow-up steps for non-admits to hospice will be discussed to ensure those patients who do not meet criteria are adequately supported and connected to appropriate resources.  By prioritizing an effective and thorough admission process, hospice providers can truly provide added value, offering comfort, dignity, and support to those nearing the end of life.

This product will include handouts along with a link to the recording of the webinar.

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