Recorded Webinar – Hospice Series 3 – How Long Does Hospice Care?


A Hospice Provider must effectively manage its resources and provide appropriate care to all patients in need.  By closely monitoring long-length of stay patients, the Provider can assess if a patient is still appropriate for hospice care or if a transition is needed to a more appropriate care source.  A robust review and monitoring process for long-length of stay patients ensures a hospice provider is delivering optimal care to patients and maintaining regulatory compliance and financial viability as an organization.

Gain valuable insights and strategies to protect your organization and improve the quality of care provided to long-length of stay patients with this webinar.  “How Long Does Hospice Care? A Review Process for Long-Length of Stay Patients” is a comprehensive training program designed to enhance the skills of a hospice professional in effectively managing long-length of stay patients under hospice.  Participants will learn best practices for conducting thorough documentation reviews to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and steps to facilitate effective communication among the members of the Interdisciplinary Team.  Additionally, discussion regarding the inclusion of extended stay patients in a provider’s QAPI program will enable the hospice provider to evaluate the effectiveness of their care delivery, identify potential gaps or areas for improvement, and ensure adherence to regulatory and quality standards.  Overall, by monitoring long-length of stay patients proactively, a provider can ensure that services are allocated appropriately, and patients receive the care that aligns best with their needs.

This product will include handouts along with a link to the recording of the webinar.

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